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WeChat Desktop and Mobiles

WeChat is an expedient web based tool developed by Tencent in 2011. It is one of the world’s most popular mobile applications with over 1 Billion active users.

WeChat has the flexibility to connect businesses and consumers across the globe and enables third-party companies to develop services and functions within WeChat.


It is not the variety of things you can do on WeChat that makes it so powerful, it is the fact that they are all in one APP
– stated the New York Times in this video

WeChat enables users to:

  • Transfer money
  • Book a train or plane ticket
  • Purchase goods through WeChat Shop
  • Create thousands of chat groups
  • Make appointments to get your car repaired

Not only private users benefit from WeChat, companies also get profit by their sales and marketing performances over WeChat platform.


How To Use WeChat For Marketing Your Business

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Main Functions Of WeChat

Accounts – Service/Subscription
Account Functions & Their Differences

The Benefits WeChat Brings To Your Company

The First Step To Setup Your Account

Free Information Package On WeChat

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WeChat In The Corporate World

WeChat serves various functions to companies across the globe and offers a range of possibilities for marketing and customer support. For instance, WeChat provides Online Marketing Campaigns, O2O Activities, CRM Support and User Support.

The first step is to understand which WeChat account is suitable for your company.

Service Account

  • More visibility: Appear the same as other WeChat friends
  • Push 4 Messages per Month
  • Followers get a push notification upon receiving posts
  • Offers range of customizable options in WeChat Shop & WeChat Pay
  • Integration options
  • Advanced functionality
WeChat Account

Subscription Account

  • Less visibility: Appear inside a dedicated folder
  • Push 1 Message per Day
  • No notifications upon receiving posts
  • All Messages are stored in one folder with other subscription accounts
  • Customizable options in WeChat Shop & WeChat Pay are not possible


ATCS: Your IT Partner For WeChat

ATCS provides business and information technology consultancy services to clients across the globe.

Our subsidiary, Idealyst is one of the top 25 social media companies. Whether you are a Chinese professional or want to start a new business in China, with us you will have all the right tools to advertise your products on WeChat.


Our Services


How to enter the Chinese market?
What are the functions of WeChat?

Account Application

Introduction to Account type & the differences
Suggestions of the most suitable account type

Content Guidance

Introduction of content types
Suggestion of suitable content & post frequency
Menu customization


Mini Program
WeChat Pay
Individual Customer Service

Market Research

Follower analysis
Strategy on how to increase your followers Market share & sales volume

Social Listening

Sentiment analysis
KOL exploration


Case Study

Four Times As Much Perception For An Electric Car Manufacturer

ATCS Client

An electric car manufacturer, active worldwide with branches in Germany and China, we have a steadily growing customer base

Task By ATCS

Customer Satisfaction:
Service quality is becoming very important, client wanted crucial round the clock service to his customers in China and wanted to keep track of the quality of service
After-Sale Inquiries:
All after-sales inquiries should be answered within 12 hours

Task By ATCS
Solution By ATCS

Rapid Prototyping:
Creation of a concept that outlines the integration process
Multiple WeChat Accounts:
Service Account and Subscription Account
Implementation of desired functionality in WeChat
Integration into customer’s IT interface for Reporting and Monitoring

Client Success By ATCS

Project Duration:
2 months, from inception to go-live
Better Insight
Into user behavior and reporting
Acquisition Of New Customers via WeChat:
Our clients have discovered new ways to increase sales
Complete Corporate Communication via WeChat: WeChat has become their preferred Marketing Channel

Client Success By ATCS


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Marketing With WeChat

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