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Social Listening Dashboard for your Digital Marketing Strategy | Free Demo




Do you know who your influencers are?
Do you know the pain-points of your consumers?
Don’t miss out on important feedback and the chance to improve your brand and products.
We at ATCS
Identify relevant online conversations for you,
Deliver a personalized insight into the behavior of your clients,
Enable you to optimize your product according to the needs of the market.
Social Listening Anaysis For Management

SLAM Is Customized To Your Specifications

Anticipate your customer’s needs, collaborate across the globe and get crucial insight to make critical decisions with Social Listening.
Learn how your product or brand is perceived in the social media with our online Dashboard, Social Listening Analysis For Management.

What you can expect from the Dashboard:

Media Trend Volume:
The trend and breakdown of content on specific social media platforms.
Share of Voice:
How much content is distributed between you and your competitors across multiple topics.
Topic Trend:
What is the most talked about content over a pre-defined period of time.
Influencer Analysis:
Top influencers are mapped according to their engagement rate.

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Social Listening

Lets put things into perspective. In just 60 seconds, over 2.4 million searches are carried out on Google, more than 450,000 tweets are posted on Twitter, around 208,000 images are uploaded on Facebook and nearly 120 new profiles are created on LinkedIn. This is just an excerpt of the data driven on social media and is perceived as content goldmine in the 21st Century.

Social listening recognizes themes and patterns in the data available on all public social media channels, that mention your brand, competitors, product, and any other term or topic relevant to your business. The information obtained is then analyzed and incorporated into practically realizable findings.

What Social Listening Brings To Your Business:

Analysis And Evaluation Of Your Social Media Campaigns


Influencer Identification And Mapping


Product And Brand Monitoring


Boost Your Competitiveness


Improve And Maintain Your Reputation


Identify Your Pain-Points


ATCS – Your Eyes and Ears

With our Social Listening Dashboard tailored specifically to your brand, we help you respond to the trends that require your attention, assist you with the ability to understand where true value lies for you and deliver data in the simplest way possible so you can achieve your goals!

Together with our wholly owned subsidiary, Idealyst, we manage your projects across all continents. Through its direct partnership with SalesForce, Idealyst operates and implements targeted market research to your business. Whether you want a simple reporting system or integration into an online dashboard, we adapt our analysis to your requests.

Our Social Media Listening Process:


Business Requirements

Identify business requirements;
Define business goals

Planning And Data Collection

Preparation, goal definition and measures of the social listening strategy

Information And Knowledge

Data preparation and provision;
Classification and segmentation of the conversations

Data Analysis

Identify key KPI metrics;
Identification of the relevant content;
Influencer analysis and mapping


Compilation of informative, qualitative and quantitative dashboard and reports


Identification of necessary actions; Evaluation and recommendation of collaboration (with Influencers, etc.)

Case Study

Our Client

Pharmaceutical Industry,
World-Wide Presence


Analysis of the influencer: Since the opinion of influencers has a high priority in social media, our customer wanted to know who generates content about them and their products on social media and what the sentiment of the content is.


To work in virtually ardent synchronization with influencers to keep a positive image.
Social Media Trend Volume

Our Solution

Identification: Researched and determined the most important keywords to ascertain an elaborate analysis.

Analysis: Online content is thoroughly researched via the social listening tools and selected keywords.

Rating: The entire content is dissected and categorized according to customer’s needs and rated according to sentiment and relevance.

Social Listening Report: SLAM Dashboard with influencer analysis and recommended action is created.

Share Of Voice

Success Of Our Customer

Agile Working: At ATCS we work according to the Scrum Methodology, i.e. in sprints. Along with weekly metric updates for their search, the dashboard delivered:

  • Better insight into the behavior of the entire user community,
  • Identification of influencers based on commitment and reach,
  • The involvement of the users analyzed specifically on the basis of subject areas,
  • Better understanding of the insights of the influencer.
Average Shares and Likes

Lets Work Together!

SLAM can prove to be an effective social listening solution for you.
It can help you to realize the true potential of your business.
Share your query with us, we will work with you to find an optimal social listening solution as soon as possible.

Social Listening Analysis For Management (SLAM)

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